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Sara is available for facilitation, consultation and implementation on accessibility in arts and community spaces. Sara is specifically interested in taking on work in the performing arts community, with other disabled artists, and in professional work environments looking to create more inclusive workspaces. Sara has expertise in theatre accessibility, workplace professional development, disabled arts, accessibility consultations, and coordination. Sara creates her own art and believes in creating disability art first.

Arts Creation and Devised Work
Accessibility Consulting
Workplace Professional Development
Accessibility Coordination

Sara is an artist first. Sara can be contacted for playwriting, devised creation, visual arts development, design, acting, producing, and directing. Pictured is Sara's audio/visual production, "The Plot Thickens" with The Understudies. Sara participated in writing, drawing, and creation of the family friendly outdoor program for Zuppa Theatre's 50 things.

Accessibility consulting helps to figure out where to improve access and inclusion. Let's chat about how we can build more accessible spaces together.

From keynote speaking to group activity workshops, there is a variety of ways to work accessibility into your workplace. We'll work with you to create a unique learning opportunity for your team.

Accessibility coordination takes the initial consultation and implements accessibility needs into your project. Let's take action to make your project more accessible.

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